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Scooter «Xootr Mg Black» is one of the latest models of scooters for adults from the American company «Xootr». This scooter has a beautiful and sleek, modern and stylish classic design, which is certainly not remain without attention of passers-by. The main feature of this scooter is that it has the most solid platform located lowest relative level of the roadway, which was not in the company's previous models of scooters. All this has been made available thanks to the material from which made the scooter platform - a solid magnesium, which gives to the same incredible ease scooter. Low-lying platform enables accelerated for a few seconds, and a modern brake system - quickly and confidently to stop.

Like the other models of scooters «Xootr» American companies, Scooter «Xootr Mg Black» has a convenient folding mechanism that allows it to be completely invisible in your closet, in public transport or in a cafe. It is worth noting the following characteristics of this modern scooter, as the weight of the device and the weight that can withstand the scooter for adults. Through the platform of a magnesium alloy, this model Scooter is the lightest of the models of the brand «xootr» and weighs only 4.5 kilograms. The weight that can withstand this model - 114 kilograms. Thus, selecting a scooter «Xootr Mg Black», you will become one of the most "advanced" Jet-Streeter, who, like you, love to move quickly through the city. With scooter «Xootr» You will pass without problems in public transport, go down to the cafe, shop, fitness center, to the office or school.

We should also note that the scooter «Xootr Mg Black» You can buy in our store with a platform of blue or red. Which of the three colors to choose - depends on the mood and taste of the future owner.

Model features:

  • Lightweight solid platform from magnesium
  • The lowest platform of the entire range of scooters Xootr for the most effective acceleration
  • Ground clearance is comfortable to drive

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